Using Book Club Kits

Registering an Account

To register for a Book Club Kit account, start at the Account Registration Page (Register).

Complete the registration form. All fields are required. Once you have filled out the form, click the "Register" button.

If your registration is successful, you will be registered, and logged in automatically. When you are logged in, the first page you'll see is the My Club Account page, where you can add additional information about your club.

Logging In

You must login to the Book Club Kits system to reserve a Book Club Kit, to make changes to your Book Club's account, or to transfer your club to another person.

If you have been using the previous Book Club Kit system, you can login with your old username and password. You will also have to enter your library card number and PIN. After doing this once, you will be able to login just using your library card number and PIN.

Forgot Password?

If you have forgotten your password when logging into Book Club Kits for the first time, you can follow the link labeled "Forgot Password?" when prompted for your old username and old password.

Shortly after that, you will receive an email at the address we have on file for your book club. It will contain a new password to use with your old username to complete the login and account update process.

Once you have logged in, you will see your Book Club's current reservations. On this page, you can cancel a reservation or review your current reservations.

Finding Kits

You can find Kits to reserve by browsing, searching, or using the Kit Availability Page.

Find kits by browsing

You can browse Book Club Kits using the navigation bar of linked letters at the top of the display just below the main menu.

You can limit the list you are browsing using the "Limit List" filters in the left menu. If the set you are browsing contains fewer than 50 kits, they will all be displayed on the same page. If there are more than 50 kits, the list will be broken into alphabetic pages, with one page for kits beginning with "A", another page for kits beginning with "B", and so on.

Find kits by searching

You search for Book Club Kits be entering words in the search box in the left menu. You can enter words that are in the title, the author's first and/or last name, the genre you are looking for, or any words you think might be in the description of the kit you are looking for.

You can confine your searching and browsing to a specific age level by clicking on the little button beside the age level in the "Limit List" box in the left menu. By default, searches and browses are limited to Adult Book Club Kits.

If the your search result set contains fewer than 50 kits, they will all be displayed on the same page. If there are more than 50 kits, the list will be broken into alphabetic pages, with one page for kits beginning with "A", another page for kits beginning with "B", and so on. You can navigate between the alphabetic pages using the alphabet bar at the top of the search results.

Find kits by Availability

You can also find Kits by visiting the Kit Availability Page. The Kit Availability Page lists all of the Book Club Kits for the selected age level. When you first visit the page, Kits will be sorted by title. You can sort by availability by clicking on the "Sort by Availability" link at the top of the Availability Chart.

If you sort the Kit Availability Page by availability, the Kits with the most "free" months move to the top of the list.

Find kits by Availability for a specific month

If you are logged in, you can also find kits by clicking the button in your reservation calendar that shows up in the left menu. Clicking that button will display only the kits that are available during that month and the following month.

Find New kits

You can find new kits by using the "Kits Added..." links in the left menu. Choose the link that covers the kits you may not have seen yet for a list of kits added during that time.

Making a Reservation

Before you can reserve a Book Club Kit, you must be registered and logged in. After doing so, click on the "Reserve a Kit" link on the left end of the main menu.

When you find a Kit you would like to reserve, click the "View Availability" link on the Kit's record. This will show you the months that the kit is already reserved and the months during which it is available. You can compare this to your club's current reservation calendar in the left menu. If there are available months in both calendars, you can make a reservation by clicking the "Reserve" link next to the Kit's availability calendar.

This will bring you to the Reservation Form, where you can select the months you'd like to reserve the Kit. If you have multiple clubs, you will need to select the Book Club you want to reserve the item for.

You may reserve a Kit for a two-month period.

Once you have selected your months, and optionally, the Book Club, you can click the "Reserve Kit" button.

Once the reservation is complete, you will see confirmation of your reservation with the date you can pick up the Kit and the date you'll need to return it.

Canceling a Reservation

To cancel a reservation, you will need to login to the Book Club Kit system.

Once logged in, you will be on your Book Club's Reservation Page. To cancel any reservation, click either of the "Cancel Reservation" buttons under the kit you want to cancel.

This will cancel your reservation and return you to your Book Club's Reservation Page.

System Email Notices

The Book Club Kit reservation system will communicate with you via email. Make sure your email program will accept mail from the domain, and be sure your email address is correct in your Club's Account information.


Since people reserve items for specific dates, you may not renew Book Club Kits.

How the Dates Work

You may reserve a Book Club Kit for two calendar months, beginning on the first day of a month.

You must return the Book Club Kit by the 25th of the second month.

This allows you to pick up the materials during the first month, hold your discussion, and return the materials during the end of the second month.

Picking up Kits

You may pick up your kit on the date indicated in your notification. Please call you library if you no longer want the Kit on its reserved date.

You will need a valid Pierce Count Library card to check out the Kit when you pick it up.

Returning Kits

You may return your Kit to any Pierce County Library. Please return Kits promptly, so others may receive the kits on their reserved dates.

Loan Period

You may keep the Kit for the loan period of two calendar months, always beginning on the 1st of one month and ending on the 25th of the following month.

Multiple Clubs

You can now sponsor multiple Book Clubs. If you wish to do this, login to the Book Club Kit system. Once logged in, you will see a menu item in the left menu beneath the links for your current Book Club.

Click the "Add a Club" link, and fill out the form that is displayed. Then, click the "Add Club" button.

This will create the new Book Club and you will end up on the "My Club Account" page, where you can add information about the new club.

If you have multiple Book Clubs, you will need to select which Book Club to reserve a Kit for each time you make a reservation.

Changing Club Sponsor

If you need to transfer a club to another sponsor, you can do so by logging in and clicking the "Change Club Sponsor" link in the left menu under the name of the club you want to transfer.

You will be prompted for the name and email address of the person you would like to transfer the club to.

The Book Club Kit system will send an email to the person you are transferring the club to. The email message will include instructions telling them how to complete the transfer process.

When they follow the instructions, log in to the Book Club Kit system, and accept sponsorship of the club, the transfer will be complete.